Meet the team

Josh Joseph (BA Hons)

Creator & Head Entertainer

With a first class honours degree in media and marketing, Josh's background is in television & events. In 5 years, his work included 'The X-Factor', 'The Eurovision Dance Contest', Jimmy Carr's 2010 Stand up - as well as factual documentaries. He now tutors editing periodically.

In 2006, a teenage Josh had taken on two part time jobs; a 'Children's Entertainer' for a leisure club and a 'Playgroup worker' for an afterschool group. His roles included hosting birthday parties, working within a crèche facility, organising outings and coordinating a wide range of activities for kids aged 5-12.

Between working with children aged 3-5 in a crèche environment to interacting with kids aged 5+ within play-groups, Josh gained an incredibly strong understanding of a child's development. It was this knowledge that developed age appropriate games & activities that ticked all kids' boxes.

However, it is Josh's ability to make younger kids laugh that impresses parents. From slapstick to storytelling – it became his mission to better himself as a performer through drama and public speaking. Back in his crèche days, a mother had to famously take her 4 year old son home after he had quite literally wet himself from Josh's sketch routines.

After finishing an events contract in November 2011, Josh decided to move away from the media industry and go back to what he did best – entertaining kids and keeping them active. Shortly after, Kidnetick was formed.

Nineteen months after launching, Kidnetick had taken over 260 party bookings, 170 workshops & made it to the finals of the Netmums Party Award 2013. This is a testament to Josh's capability as both an entertainer and ability to interact with kids of all ages.

Martin O'Rourke

Entertainer & coordinator

We are thrilled to have Martin on our team. This is a man who on a personal level brings warmth,positivity and happiness to those around him.

Martin has worked with children for over a decade - both as an entertainer and youth worker. Prior to joining the team, children’s entertainment giant Hamley's was Martin’s employer over for five years. From boomerang thrower to diabolo juggler – his talents are endless. It is a genuine joy to have Martin on the team


Entertainer & coordinator

We are delighted to have Ryan on the Kidnetick team.

Ryan has over ten years’ experience working with children.

Currently he runs his own pantomime group “Kapow” - having spent many years with M&M theatre. Together with entertainer Daniel, they have performed all over the UK, starring in everything from Rapunzel to Peter Pan.

While it was like teaching a Granny to suck eggs, we spent the best part of 2 months training Ryan – showing him how to lead a Kidnetick party. In working with him, we discovered that the kids love his energy and sense of humour. What you get with Ryan is the drama element along with energy and an incredible talent for making the kids laugh.

Emma McDougall

Entertainer and Party Princess

Emma has a BA Hons Degree in Acting and Performance and a Higher National Diploma in Musical Theatre.

Emma worked as a class tutor for 5-7 year olds at the Glasgow Acting Academy for three years before jumping ship and becoming a children’s entertainer at Hamleys Glasgow. It was here she first met Josh and learned about the wonderful world of Kidnetick. After five years, Emma progressed from Hamleys and began focusing on her children’s theatre company ‘Kapow Theatre Scotland,’ that she runs alongside fellow entertainers Daniel and Ryan.

Emma has also spent time leading performance workshops in schools. Educating children between the ages of 8-10 about personal safety and dangers of the internet

Emma loves all things Disney and is a true Princess at heart. Which is why we saw it fit to have Emma double as our Kidnetick Party Princess!


Entertainer and Coordinator

We are thrilled to have Colette on team Kidnetick. Currently a part time Drama Coach and Events Coordinator - Colette's experience is perfectly suited to Entertaining.

Trained by Fib Youth Theatre, Colette has commanded large groups for over 5 years. Whether utilising slapstick or song, children of all ages instantly warm to her parties.

Leading drama classes for Enable Scotland is particularly rewarding for Colette as she finds herself working with those with learning disabilities.

It goes without saying that having Colette on the team is something we are very proud of.

Robert Aitken


Thrilled to welcome Robert to the Kidnetick team. Robert is a fully qualified drama teacher and has a wealth of experience performing as an actor as well.

Having spent months training with our team - Robert takes his experience and applies the Kidnetick format brilliantly.

Garry King


We are thrilled to have Garry on the team. He trained at the Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in London and has a BA honours in musical theatre.

Garry loves working in the theatre and has been lucky enough to work all over the world. From Formula 1 in Bahrain to his 10 years in London working for various children’s entertainment companies.

Most recently, Garry has set up Go Kids Scotland and now teaches drama to over 200 kids on a weekly basis.

Carly Mechan

Entertainer and Coordinator

Carly studied acting and performance for 3 years, followed by performing in schools all over Scotland. Since then, Carly obtained a University degree in Performance, focusing on community and contemporary theatre.

Carly has now worked with Kidnetick for over a year – taking a break only to work with Camp America.

Her experience and skillset is exactly what we look for at Kidnetick. We are thrilled to have her!