Answers to commonly asked questions:

Do you contact us before the party? 

We always call/text you a day before your party to finalise arrangements. However feel free to ring us anytime!

When do I pay the outstanding balance?

We would ask that you pay the remaining balance on the day in cash or cheque to your entertainer. If paying by cheque, please make this out to Kidnetick.

What time do you arrive on the day?

 We arrive 20/25 minutes before the party is due to start. This allows us to set up and not eat into your time.

How do you select which entertainer attends my child’s party?

We are thrilled to have a team that is equally as experienced. Regardless of your entertainer, you receive the same quality of party that works with the Kidnetick structure. As a result we tend to ensure that we select the entertainer who is closest to your venue on the day. This avoids any issues with timekeeping/locating the venue.

Who do I confirm the party venue with?

We find that a large percentage of bookings have to change venue between the initial enquiry and our teams final correspondence. Some bookings don’t have a venue when enquiring. We therefore ask that you notify your entertainer of the party address when they touch base with you. Apologies if you have to repeat any details – this is simply our way of making sure we have the correct information.

What happens during the party?

On arrival you will meet our Entertainer along with a Coordinator (The Coordinator is only present if you have booked a 2 hour party). The Coordinator will liaise with you about presenting the cake and serving any food you may have.

As the party starts the Coordinator stands at the entrance giving children a name badge on arrival.

After the first hour of entertainment we help you present cake. This is done before food as we find this works better.

We then line the kids up and “Conga” to your refreshments.

We are very much hands on during the interval. You will see that the Coordinator helps serve food (if needs be), while the entertainer keeps the crowd settled and amused. The food can last as long as you need it to – however we bring the kids back up to finish the entertainment at the appropriate time.

What entertainment do you provide throughout a party?

The first hour is broken down into short activities and comedy routines. To appeal to both boys and girls the activities would include cardio, drama, dancing and team challenges.

After the snack interval we conclude with a disco. During the disco we play traditional party games: EG musical bumps/statues.

Do you provide prizes?

We 100% provide prizes for our party games

Do you provide music?

We provide a £500 sound system, disco lights, a wide ranging music list from top 40 current hits to old school songs.

Can we as parents provide additional entertainment?

Of course we are there to fit in with your plans. However we strongly suggest that you do not provide additional entertainment (EG: bouncy castles/balloons modellers/mascots etc).

This is because the party can become rather disjointed. Furthermore, our activities are rather structured – and do not work if the kids float around. 

If you do have any additional entertainment – please inform us at the time of booking so we can develop a plan for the day.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to call: 07719 236 321